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Hongta Sports Theme Party Is Held by the 90,000m3 Yunhu Lake

On August 4-5, "Burning in New Age" Hongta Sports Theme Party was successfully concluded in Kunming Park 1903. 

At the lakeside of the Yunhu Lake, the magnificent water curtain movie told the legend story of Hongta Brand in the past 60 years, which demonstrated the enterprise spirit of "No mountain is higher than human being" of Hongta Group; the magnificent picture of the movie attracted thousands of people to stop and enjoy it. Moreover, the competition of 36 rock climbers in the same stage has presented an incredible game with strong confrontation and enthusiastic scene; and their spirits of going all out in the competition and transcending themselves made the audience moved.

A scene of "Hongta Sports Theme Party"

In the course of the activity, the spirit of rock climbers to climb up and challenge themselves has become the strongest belief in their hearts. The lightly and incessant rain has not dampened the passions of rock climbers; There is a thin line between "giving up" and "insisting", but all testers and players have chosen to resist the wind and rain and stick to the end as a hero. Even though the sight was blurred and the clothing was wet, the belief of transcending oneself and reaching the peak became firmer; and the faith of "No mountain is higher than human being" was the internal monologue of successful challengers.

A scene of "Hongta Sports Theme Party"

The warm scene and moving story, such as lovers climbing rock together or the exciting scene of brothers climbing, touched the soft hearts of people based on the spirit of "No mountain is higher than human being"; The rock climbing grand gathering not only made people appreciate the beauty of speed and strength, but also let the audience on the scene emerge the passion and convey the sincere friendship through sports. At the Hongta climbing site, 90,000m3 volume of Yunhu Lake witnessed the most beautiful moment of rock climbing challenge, leading to positive energy and enthusiastic passion. 

The rock climbing activity in the night was started with the performance of a band composed of young employees from Hongta Group. The band performed the song Because of You and the song Beyond the Peak created for the enterprise and brand. These songs not only expressed the dreams and passions of Hongta people, but also conveyed the heartfelt wishes of all audience, receiving warm applause from them.

A scene of "Hongta Sports Theme Party"

At the activity site, the DJ who is extremely dynamic and energetic has made the entire audience more enthusiastic, which had the sense of "grand dance gathering". The performances, including boxing dance, hot-blooded hip-hop dance and calisthenics, set off a wave of high tide on the scene, receiving the enthusiastic applause from audience. 

Rock climbing competition lasting more than one hour was in the spotlight during the theme party. It had 36 rock climbers competing in the same stage. After four-round fierce competitions from 36 into 12, 12 into 4, 4 into 2 and 2 into 1, the champion of rock climbing was produced under the common witness of the audience at the scene.

A scene of "Hongta Sports Theme Party"

The wonderful time always flies, and more splendid things have not yet arrived. On August 11-12, there will be more wonderful moments of Hongta Sport Theme Party in the Kunming Tongde Square, and the long-awaited ultimate battle of competition will also be staged as scheduled. At the final held in Kunming Tongde Square on August 12, six champions will compete for the championship of Hongta rock climbing challenge. By that time, there will be more surprising prizes at the scene. Waiting for you with dreams to transcend yourself and fight for the peak!

A scene of "Hongta Sports Theme Party"