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The QC Results of Yuxi Cigarette Plant Win the First Prize in the QCC Results Release and Exchange Conference (photo)

From July 13 to 14, R&D of Compound Crushing Tobacco Screening System, the Result of Ingenuity Dream QC Team of Redrying Workshop I in Yuxi Cigarette plant won the First Prize in the QCC Results Release and Exchange Conference of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

The awarding ceremony

The innovative project R&D of Compound Crushing Tobacco Screening System follows closely related to the needs of industrial enterprises, adheres to brand orientation, deepens the implementation of "intensive processing, service specialization, process standardization and management modernization" work demands carried out by State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, introduces good ideas and focuses on the important link of cost reduction and efficiency increase of compound roasting of leaves - crushing tobacco screening. The team worked together to strictly follow the QC team's activity procedures. By using a variety of QC tools, and through hundreds of rigorous and serious experiments, it developed a compound crushing tobacco screening system with the combination of screening function, separation function for crushing tobacco with stems and removal function for hemp shreds, which improved the average passing rate of classified screening for crushing tobacco from 92.16% to 98% and achieved good economic and social benefits. 

At the release conference, the team made elaborate preparations and released the beautiful content with great passion, which was highly recognized by the judges and won warm applause from the audience.