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Hongta Group Launches 2018 Induction Training for New Employees

From July 21 to 27, Hongta Group launched the induction training for 130 new employees recruited in 2018, in order to enable new employees to fully understand the corporate culture and history of the Group, adapt to the working environment as soon as possible and meet job requirements. 

On July 25, Wang Yong, Party Member and Deputy General Manager of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd, and Party Secretary and President of Hongta Group, came to the staff training center to share with the new employees the process of Hongta Group's 61 years of development and his feelings and experiences of personal growth. 

On behalf of Hongta Group, Wang Yong welcomed the joining of new employees. He briefly introduced the development situation of Chinese tobacco in recent years, the system of Yunnan tobacco, the deepening reform process of Yunnan tobacco industry, the development process of Hongta Group in 61 years and the research, production and marketing work currently under way.

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Based on his own experience of growing up in work, Wang Yong put forward his encouragement and expectation to new employees: first, love Hongta Group as home; second, do not be afraid of hardship, come down-to-earth; third, keep learning and growing. He hoped that the new employees integrate into the new environment and new position as soon as possible, learn from the excellent spiritual qualities of Hongta predecessors, establish the sense of ownership, take the initiative to bear responsibility actively, and become Hongta people who have ideas, are willing to bear hardships and eager to learn. During the development of the group, they shall work hard together with the enterprise, realizing the common development of individuals and the enterprise.  

It is learned that the induction training for new employees in 2018 includes three levels of training: the China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd level, group level and factory level. This training belongs to group level training and is conducted in a quasi-militarized manner throughout the process, taking group corporate culture and brand culture as the main line and being divided into two forms: outdoor training and centralism teaching. Thereinto, outdoor training is divided into military training courses and interactive games. The main content of centralism teaching is the introduction of Hongta group, Hongta culture and brand culture, labor discipline, salary and welfare, safety knowledge and business etiquette. 

Through the training, new employees can further understand the Hongta culture, learn about the development history of Hongta's hard work and entrepreneurship, strengthen the awareness of brand market, and cultivate the marketing ability. At the same time, they shall do a good job in role transition in the workplace, establish the sense of organization, discipline and team, cultivate the concept of time, and improve the execution ability.

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