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2018 New Product Launch Event of Shenzhen Tobacco • China Tobacco Yunnan Held in Shenzhen

On July 10, 2018 New Product Launch Event of Shenzhen Tobacco · China Tobacco Yunnan was held in Shenzhen, a city also known as “Pengcheng (City of Peng)” and with a pioneering spirit. The event was centered on the launch of “Diaoyutai (Zhongzhi)” and “Yuxi (Chuangke)” where experience was provided and ideas exchanged for five new products including “Yuxi (108)”, “Hongtashan (Chuanqi)”, “Yunyan (Xizhi Yunlong)”, “Yunyan (Xiaoxiongmao Jiayuan)” and “Honghe (Quye)”. Also, the corporate culture of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. was stated and marketing experience for “Benxiang Shijie”, an online platform of China Tobacco Yunnan.

Launch event


Director (General Manager) Zhang Yabin, Deputy Director Wu Zhenfeng, Deputy General Manager Li Xinzhong, and Leader of Disciplinary Inspection Team Hong Meixuan of Shenzhen Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company), Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) Li Dingxiao, General Manager of Shenzhen Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. Liang Qiang, Chairman Chen Weidong, Deputy General Manager Li Tianfei, Wu Yi and Wang Yong, and Leader of Disciplinary Inspection Team Zheng Xiongzhi at China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., persons in charge of related departments and offices of companies in Shenzhen, well-known entrepreneurs, retail representatives, and sampling experts from Shenzhen attended the event.

On behalf of all the staff of the company, Chen Weidong expressed sincere gratitude to Shenzhen Tobacco, Zhejiang Tobacco, counterparts across China, retailers and consumers, and gave a speech on the production and operation of China Tobacco Yunnan in the first half of the year. China Tobacco Yunnan has developed steadily, specifically shown in “growth in five aspects, stability in one aspect, good prospect in one aspect, and decline in one aspect”. “Growth in five aspects” indicates the growth in structure, high-end high-price, Grade-I and -II tabaco, tax profit, and output value. “Stability” indicates the stable development of the four major brands, with a sales volume of 226.025 billion cigarettes (4520.5 thousand cartons) which accounted for 17.99% of the total in the Chinese market. “Good prospect in one aspect” indicates the good trend for the development of emerging categories.

Considering the weak foundation for economic stabilization and that the brand has not yet returned to its best level, Chen Weidong said that China Tobacco Yunnan will strive to build itself into a first-class enterprise and brand and be competitive on a stable basis. First, the four major brands should be clear in positioning, distinctive in characteristics, and complement each other to enhance brand value. Second, the company should make in-depth exploration into the market, constantly update marketing concepts, innovate marketing methods, enrich marketing content, and promote marketing transformation and upgrading. Third, it should strengthen support and solidify market foundations. On the one hand, it will strengthen scientific and technological support, input more into the research and development of new technologies, new processes and new materials, and create core technologies to support new categories of cigarettes, new flavors, and new consumption. On the other hand, it will strengthen the guarantee for raw materials, deepen the utilization of high-quality tobacco resources in Yunnan, and realize new breakthroughs in raw materials and formula. Fourth, it should deepen the linkage mechanism and accelerate the construction of the six functions including marketing, research and development, production, raw materials, procurement, and logistics to jointly protect the process system for the market and brand. Fifth, it should strive to build a professional, specialized, and modern team, and create a working atmosphere of “competition, battling for success, keeping pace with others, innovation, and going beyond”.

Chen Weidong emphasized that the Shenzhen market saw a good brand demonstration effect and great influence. In the future, China Tobacco Yunnan and Shenzhen Tobacco will adhere to the concept of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation. Through partnerships, complementary advantages, strategic coordination and sharing of marketing concepts, resources and strategies. Efforts will be made to enhance brand cultivation and the level of serving the market, and create a community of destiny, interests, responsibility, and development with pragmatic and meticulous measures, so as to achieve mutual benefits and sound development.

Zhang Yabin mentioned in his speech: "Yunnan is the main force in the Chinese tobacco industry. It ranks first in the industry in terms of production scale, sales revenue, total profits and taxes. Upon its founding, Shenzhen Tobacco has established a friendly relationship with China Tobacco Yunnan. Two new products launched today are positioned accurately and conform to the trend of consumption upgrading.” For the cultivation of new products, Zhang Yabin put forward the following requirements: First of all, all employees should be confident, careful in planning, and know about the significance of launching the two products. Secondly, it is necessary to carry out in-depth cooperation with China Tobacco Yunnan, scientifically control the quantity of new products launched in the market, use high-quality resources, create good social effects, and establish a good brand image. Also, it is necessary to interact effectively with retailers in the market, study the law in which the new products are sold, and deepen the coordination between information sharing and brand maintenance. Joint efforts will be made to ensure that new products are cultivated with fruitful results.

Li Dingxiao expressed his confidence in the popularity of the newly launched “Yuxi (Chuangke)” in Shenzhen, and put forward the “five advantages”: First, the name and packaging are good. Chuangke or “maker” represents the spirit of the times and exhibits the good opportunities for big data and artificial intelligence. Second, the product category is good for thin cigarettes are best-selling products in the current Chinese tobacco market. Third, the price is good – 200 yuan indicates a broad market and huge potential. Fourth, the product and taste are good. Fifth, the sales are good. In Zhejiang, 600 million cigarettes are expected to be sold this year.

Group photo of leaders present

There was a new product display area at the event. Marketing was conducted by means of advertising board, automatic vending machine, and product display. Highlights were seen: the elements of panda and bamboo for “Yunyan (Xiaoxiongmao Jiayuan)”, those of the old Beijing and Temple of Heaven for “Diaoyutai”, and those of heroes for “Hongtashan (Xinchuanqi)”, which are vivid and refreshing. Various brands have created their own brand culture – “legend of tobacco” for “Diaoyutai (Zhongzhi)”, “going outdoors and release the nature” for “Honghe (Quye)” and “just do it with ideas” for “Yuxi (Chuangke)” – the cultural profoundness and spirit were further demonstrated. Guests were attracted to the display and introduced to these products. The site was permeated with a warm atmosphere.