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Hongta Group Works With Beijing WP to Develop Yuxi (Feicui)

To further make certain the microbial technology in the tobacco manufacturing of Yuxi (Feicui), on June 15, Zheng Han, Chairman of Beijing WP United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as the Beijing WP), Wang Yiquan, Vice General Manager of Beijing WP and the technician Lin Dongju paid a visit to conduct exchanges with Hongta Group and the Technology Center of China Tobacco (Yunnan).

A photo of exchange meeting

In recent years, Hongta Group has kept an eye on cigarette consumption upgrading and changing consumer demands, devoted to improving the cigarette in a bid to manufacture the top-the-line cigarette. Through the two years’ cooperation with Beijing WP, Hongta Group has successfully rolled out its first Yuxi (Feicui) adopted microbial technology to reduce harmful substances while adding the flavor. The product is optimizing and improving.

At the exchange meeting, Wang Yong, Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice General Manager of China Tobacco (Yunnan) and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group said that, backed by the strong strength of the Technology Center of China Tobacco (Yunnan), Hongta Group targeted the cutting-edge cigarette technology of adding the flavor and reducing harmful substances to increase the application of new technologies, manufacture and materials, actively partner with well-known enterprises such as Beijing WP and Maotai Group, and to steadily promote our brand structure and brand value image. The co-developed Yuxi (Feicui) was well recognized by the counterparts nationwide. Tests and trials on the product were conducting. We hoped further cooperation with Beijing WP on microbial technology in the tobacco manufacturing to yield fruitful results on Yuxi (Feicui).

Zheng Han, Chairman of Beijing WP expressed that, judging from the tests and trials, Yuxi (Feicui) attracted great attention from the media and the society due to its high quality. This visit was set to exchange views on improving the function of cigarette through the microbial technology and discuss the problem on integrating the microbial technology into cigarette manufacturing in some key links so as to provide consumers with more comfortable and safe products and more unique experience.

The engineer of Technology Center of China Tobacco (Yunnan) introduced the Research on Key Technologies of Improving Cigarette Quality Based on the Microbial Technology focusing on the soil moisture content, tobacco cellulose material, tobacco leaf alcoholization, and development on tobacco liquid and tobacco humectants.

At the meeting, attendees tried several tobacco microbial products developed by Beijing WP, gave their opinions on the functions of the cigarette with microbial additives and discussed the areas for improvement on the flavor, the taste and the sweetness.

In order to deeply understand the tobacco manufacturing and cigarette making, technicians from Beijing WP went to Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s tobacco manufacturing workshop and cigarette making workshop to do further research on how the microbial technology can better integrate with tobacco manufacturing.

Cao Hang, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group, Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group, Zhu Xiongwei, Federation of Trade Unions of Hongta Group, Wang Xiaohui, Head of Hongta Sub-center of the Technology Center of China Tobacco (Yunnan) and other technicians, as well as heads of relevant departments in Hongta Group attended the meeting.