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The Party Committee of Hongta Group Held the Second Study (Enlarged) Meeting of Theoretical Study Center Group in 2018

On June 13, the Party Committee of Hongta Group held the second study (Enlarged) meeting of theoretical study center group in 2018.

Wang Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group, Yang Yuwen and Zhu Xuecheng, Vice President of Hongta Group, and Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group attended the meeting, together with directors and secretaries of four cigarette factories, Board Secretary, main leaders of the Party and government from the logistics center, officials from all the departments and vice-ministerial officials of every office.

Scene of the meeting

At the meeting, Wang Yong conveyed the spirits of Speech at the General Assembly on Marking the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Marx by General Secretary Xi Jinping and Opinions on Further Encouraging Cadres to Take on New Roles in the New Era of CPC Central Committee. Cao Hang conveyed the memo of Yu Yundong’s case. Zhu Xuecheng conveyed the requirements of cyber security law.

In the days leading up the meeting, all the conferees learned about the two documents and the spirit of Party building and personnel working meeting of China Tobacco (Yunnan). The Party Committee of Hongta Group invited related specialists from Yunnan University to help conferees learn the Constitution of the People's Republic of China.

After keeping abreast of the economic operation and the recent key work progress briefed by the leader of economic operation department in the first five months of 2018, all the leaders of Hongta Group and directors of the four factories had discussions on the theme of the meeting by combining the spirit with rejuvenation, entrepreneurship, responsibility and reform in the new era, as well as the sense of group ownership.

Wang Yong delivered a summary speech, saying that he learned a lot from the repeated study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech. When it comes to studying Marxism, it meant to learn and practice Marxism thoughts on the development law of the human society, keep practicing in accordance with the spirit of serving the people, productive forces and relations and democracy to continuously improve our ability to analyze and solve practical problems. We encountered many challenges in reform, development and market competition. Therefore, we had to get great lengths to tackle a series of problems to take the initiative, dive into major issues on future development in a broader and long-time manner and continuously keep the Marxism belief and communism in mind.

Wang Yong said that, Party organizations and leaders at all levels shall deep in the spirit of the Opinions of CPC Central Committee, which was considered as a guideline to talents selection and corporate culture, thus creating a clean and honest atmosphere. He stressed that, talents selection was of great importance, so Hongta Group had to provide a fairer and more transparent platform for those responsible, capable and high-achieving talents. He also demanded that, leaders at all levels shall unite their thoughts and actions with the spirit of the CPC Central Committee, maintain political integrity, think in terms of the big picture, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership, and maintain full confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, shoulder political responsibility and historical responsibility in a bid to better implement the Opinions, create more improved assessment and evaluation mechanism for leaders who have the courage to undertake due obligations, establish a mechanism of promotion and demotion of the administrative staff, give punishments to those who didn’t perform their obligations. He said that, leaders at all levels of the Group shall profoundly learn from the Yu Yundong’s case, strengthen self-discipline, carry out the inspection and warning education, establish a clear and responsible atmosphere that everyone was dedicated to making contributions so as to promote positive energy for moving ahead.

In his speech, Wang Yong put forward that, in terms of the market situation and the connectivity of production and marketing in 2018, while performing due obligations, leaders at all levels of the Group shall continue to attach great importance to products and the market, continue to conduct special research on the market according to the principles of quality first, price-based sales, slightly-tight balance, work out feasible measures to promote steady development of brands. He said that, in the days to come, Hongta Group should conduct in-depth research on the evaluation work, establish an award mechanism for those leaders who are capable and responsible and for employees and teams who made outstanding contributions to the company so as to inject new power and energy into Hongta’s development.