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Hongta Group’s Contestants achieved Outstanding Results in the Professional Skills Competition Held by China Tobacco (Yunnan)

On June 8, the16th Session Professional Skills Competition and the 4th Session Professional Skills Competition for Tobacco Rating came to a successful conclusion in the training center of China Tobacco (Yunnan). The three-day competition was themed as the knowledge and skills related to the national vocational standard for tobacco rating workers, which constituted theoretical knowledge competition, single-leaf rating competition and bundles of tobacco rating competition and rating bundles of tobacco.

30 competitors from Hongta Group and Hongyunhonghe Group participated in the competition. 15 of 30 competitors from Hongta Group struggled to win the top five in the competition. China Tobacco (Yunnan) would issue the winners the honorary titles of “Technical Experts of National Tobacco Industry” and “Technical Experts of China Tobacco (Yunnan)” awarded by China Tobacco.

The outstanding achievements of this competition fully reflect the personnel training scheme of “strong training, strict selection and detailed plan”. Leaders of all levels of Hongta Group attach great importance to the preparation for the competition, which was led by the HR department and coordinated by all departments. The special organizing team was set up to formulate detailed selection and training implementation plans. Theoretical and practical training were carried out as early as April. 15 excellent contestants outshined in the training to participate in the competition on behalf of Hongta Group. Finally, the hard work of contestants and the powerful teamwork lead to great results.

This competition represents not only an exciting exchange opportunity for the two companies and also a reflection of the effective way of training and selecting tobacco grading talents for many years in Hongta Group. All departments can learn from each other through the competition to find their own shortcomings and certain improvement in their work in a bid to enhance and secure tobacco raw materials, accumulate rich training experience for participating in national skill competitions, and lay a solid foundation for talent teams.

Group Photo of Winners