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Hongta Group Organized a Campaign against Corruption Warning Education by Watching the Anti-corruption Film “Never Tolerate”

In order to create a better social atmosphere that respects honesty and integrity, and further enhance the ability of Hongta Group’s Party members and cadres to resist corruption and apostasy, in accordance with the spirit of the “Watching the Anti-corruption Education Film Never Tolerate” issued by the Propaganda Department of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group organized all the Party members and cadres to carry out a campaign against corruption warning education on the evening of June 7 by watching the anti-corruption film “Never Tolerate”.

The film is an anti-corruption warning education film based on real anti-corruption cases and comrade Wang Haiyang, an advanced worker in the national discipline inspection and supervision system. The twisted plot with ups and downs reflects the cliff-hanging struggle against corruption, the Party’s strong determination against corruption, manifests the concept of endlessly ensuring full and strict governance over the Party, and creates comrade Wang Haiyang as an outstanding discipline inspection cadre who is loyal, clean and responsible.

The real cases show human nature and reveal the corruption nature. The shocking facts of violating discipline and law are thought-provoking that reflect the seriousness and complexity of our country’s anti-corruption struggle, which also become a warning bell for Party members and leading cadres, giving a great practical significance in creating an atmosphere that no one dares to be contaminated by corruption, cannot be corrupted and is reluctant to corrupt.

Watching this films aims to guide the majority of CPC members and cadres of Hongta Group to firmly hold the ideals and beliefs, strengthen the Party spirit, enhance the awareness of honesty and self-discipline, continuously improve the awareness of anti-corruption and reluctance to corrupt, and further strengthen the ideological and moral lines of refusing corruption and apostasy.

The campaign against corruption warning education brought together 800 Party members and cadres from Hongta Group.